THE 13th INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE OF ISSEI International Society for the Study of European Ideas



International Society for the Study of European Ideas

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July 2 – 6, 2012

The Ethical Challenge of Multidisciplinarity:

Reconciling ‘The Three Narratives’—Art, Science, and Philosophy

The deadline for submitting your abstract to a Workshop Chair is April 15, 2012. 

Workshop Title: Memory and Truth in Art, Literature and Historical Science: Ethical and Epistemological Challenges

Chairs: Barbara Törnquist-Plews, Lund University, Sweden. Email

Johanna Lindbladh, Lund University, Sweden. Email:

Memory is often regarded as a kind of “alternative knowledge”, endowed with a concept of truth different from logical deductions in mathematics and analytical philosophy as well as from the truth received by empirical experiments, possible to repeat infinitely. Instead, memory is defined as a particular kind of knowledge, intimately connected to emotions (perception, trauma), narrative models (relation between past and present) and fiction (randomness, day-dreams, wishes, the need to create meaning).

Not the least important, however, is to mark the difference between memory and fiction, between historical narrative and fictional narrative. Irrespective of all the possible similarities regarding language and narrative structure in an autobiography and historical account, the respective texts differ in one utterly important way, namely their different claim of truth.Taking into consideration this ambivalence regarding memory and truth: a truth claiming to tell something that actually has taken place in the past, yet a truth intimately connected to emotion, narrative and fiction – it is of major importance (ontologically and ethically) to methodologically separate a historical scientific work from that of a memory-document  and a memory-document from that of a fictive novel or. Or, maybe, it is not important at all? In any case this epistemology challenges the research evoking many questions.  We call for papers that deal with these problems. We welcome both theoretically focused presentations  as well as papers that  discuss concrete cases of works (of literature, art and historical science) that exemplify ethical and epistemological challenges  involved  in uses of memory.

For more information about the conference see the link to conference web site:

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