Cultural Conditions Underlying Social Change” (SAMKUL) at the Norwegian Council of Research

The research group in Memory Studies at the University of Stavanger is preparing an application for a grant linked to the program called “Cultural Conditions Underlying Social Change” (SAMKUL) at the Norwegian Council of Research.
We would like to invite you to consider whether you might want to join our interdisciplinary project in Cultural Memory Studies about “New challenges in the uses of memory and the (de-)construction of myths in national contexts in a transnational age”.  We are planning a series of 3 international seminars and would like to bring together a group of researchers from Norway, Sweden, France and the UK. Other countries might be considered, but the funding is not very important for 2012-2013 and that’s why the geographical area has to be limited the two first years of this program which will continue until 2020.In this particular project, through studies of concrete empirical cases, we would like to investigate:

1. (October 2012) What kind of memories and collective myths play a major role in different national communities and in what kind of contexts (social, political, cultural, religious…)?

2. (March 2013) How do memories and myths interact and how are they used in different national communities (the questions of multimodality, narrativity and actorness of memory)?

3. (October 2013) What kind of consequences does the transnational context have on different representations of national memories and myths?

In this last topic, the comparative approach will also be very relevant in order to establish, or not, main diffserences in the ways memory discourses are organized in different national contexts and how they influence, or not, a collective social feeling.

We hope this sounds like an interesting project. We hope that you will be interested in participating in the project and that you could send us topics that could be relevant for you (or other people in your team).

The proposal has not achieved its final form and we will contact you as soon as the application is finalized. The date of limit for sending our application is the 30th of November and we would like to receive your answer no later than November 1st.

Alexandre Dessingué
University of Stavanger
Memory Studies Research Group

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