Nordic Journal of Migration Research (NJMR)

We are glad to announce that the first issue of Nordic Journal of Migration Research (NJMR) is out now, and can be accessed via the following

The contents of the issue is pasted below, but first a few first of the journal for those interested. For additional information, submission guidelines, and instructions for authors, please check out our website at:

Nordic Journal of Migration Research is a peer-reviewed, open access international journal. Its areas of focus include migration theory and analyses of migratory processes, integration policies and intercultural relations. It gives high priority to Nordic issues and comparative studies of integration in Nordic and non-Nordic countries. It will occasionally publish guest-edited Special Issues devoted to particular themes or theoretical problems. The journal was founded in 2011 by Nordic Migration Research. It is a continuation of the Norwegian Journal of Migration Research (2000-2009) and the Finnish Journal of Ethnicity and Migration (2006-2010).

The goal of NJMR is to contribute to improving the state of the art in the field, in both theoretical and empirical terms, by publishing insightful, cutting-edge and impactful research. NJMR aims to be multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary in both content and methodology, and welcomes submissions from scholars in all social science and humanities. We accept scholarly articles, research papers, book reviews, review articles and short academic debate pieces that are previously not published or currently not under evaluation by another publisher.

NJMR publishes four issues a year – March, June, September and December.

The editors-in-chief of the journal are Tuomas Martikainen in the University of Helsinki (Finland) and Hakan G. Sicakkan in the University of Bergen (Norway). The managing editor is Tiina Vaittinen in the University of Tampere (Finland), and the book review editors are Suvi Keskinen in the University of Turku (Finland), Laura Hirvi in the University of Jyväskylä (Finland), and Berit Berg in the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

CONTENTS OF NJMR 1 (1): 2011
On the birth and profile of the Nordic Journal of Migration Research Ulf Hedetoft and Hakan Sicakkan

The ethics of immigration policy, Nils Holtug
Migrants in the Scandinavian welfare state: The emergence of a social policy problem, Grete Brochmann and Anniken Hagelund
The multilingual city: The cases of Helsinki and Barcelona, Peter A. Kraus
Stationary and non-stationary in immigrant problem discourse: The politics of migrant youth, Yngve Lithman

Alghasi, Sharam, Eriksen, Thomas Hylland & Ghorashi, Halleh (eds) (2009) Paradoxes of Cultural Recognition: Perspectives from Northern Europe. Farnham: Ashgate. 303 pp. Peter Kivisto
Bauböck, Rainer & Faist, Thomas (eds) (2010) Diaspora and Transnationalism. Concepts, Theories and Methods. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press. 352 pp. Nauja Kleist
Bonifaco, Glenda Tibe & Angeles, Vivienne S.M. (eds) (2010) Gender, Religion and Migration; Pathways to Integration. Published in the series “Migration Studies”. USA: Lexington Books. 304 pp. Fiona Murphy
Essers, Caroline (2009) New Directions in Postheroic Entrepreneurship: Narratives of Gender and Identity. Malmö: Liber/Copenhagen Business School Press. 165 pp., Shinder S. Thandi
Mitchell, Martin J. & Donald, John (eds) (2008) New Perspectives on the Irish in Scotland. Edinburgh: John Donald Short Run Press. vii+254 pp.

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